Nekkid Dogs? Hmmm .... NEKKID DOGS !!

This is the web site of one person and a whole bunch of displaced, rescued and fostered dogs (nekkid ones, too!) who now have a permanent home. The person has also been displaced, rescued and fostered but won't bore you with that story.......

Can YOU help me find homes for other Central Florida dogs and cats who are in need of someone to adopt them into permanent security? We need homes for purebreds and mutts, different colors and dispositions, puppies and seniors, little and large and in-between. Some have been carelessly discarded, some are neglected and some have been severely abused. Some are beautifully trained, some have no social skills, some are housebroken, others have 'accidents'. Some like the beautiful greyhounds we place, have never had a home but have been running for their lives for a long time and truly deserve to become the couch potatoes they really are.

If you live in Central Florida please visit the Humane Society of Seminole County on County Home Rd, Sanford (407) 323 8685 or Seminole County Animal Control just across 17/92 on Bush Blvd (407) 323 2508. Both shelters are just minutes north of Orlando.

Most of those in need can't get into the shelters as they are always full, so we have some in foster homes, which are very few and far between.

Please contact me at my E-Mail address. (I'm not the hero, he was my first rescued Chinese Crested dog) and I'll do what I can to find you the companion of your dreams. Don't all go asking for 3lb poodles all at once, now. We do get them but not often.

If you'd like to help but can't adopt - PLEASE send a donation to one of the shelters. Thank you.

LOST/FOUND PETS ( countrywide) go to:

Adoption/Information Links

HERO'S WAGGIN TRAIN: A National Rescue/Foster/Transport rescource guide helping to get dogs in danger into the safety of permanent new homes. is the adoption page or contact me directly for more information about joining. MOreRescue: Online list at specifically geared to helping dogs from the puppy mill states of OK, MO, NB,KS and AR. Come join and help make a difference. NOT restricted to listers of those states! Italian Greyhound Rescue: Greyhound Adoptions of Central Florida:

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